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A Few Came Together to Become the Manifestation of Justice
Written By: Charles L. Price II

The Council

A Vividly Emotional Historical Fiction Novel
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My Story


I'm honored you decided to visit and check out what 'The Council' is all about.

​My name is Charles Price. I'm a married man living out of Northern Virginia. Growing up, my parents were very instrumental in making me proud of my faith and proud of my race. From a young age, my parents taught me about the greatness of African Americans, what we've endured, and the many contributions we've made as a demographic to make America what it is.


Simultaneously, I've experienced racial acts against me starting in 3rd grade yet, in every racial opposition I've come up against, I've come out on top by reflecting on the success of others to realize no one can stop me! 

In light of the current racial tension, I saw fit to finally put pen to paper on an idea that's been on my heart for more than five years. This book is meant to be a starting point for authentic healing for a community still hurting.  It's also an invitation to our non-black brothers and sisters to understand the heart of our community. My prayer is that we dare to be open so we can move forward TOGETHER and be better in every sense of the word.  My heart is that
it blesses you.

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The Council

My Books

“A Reckoning Came Upon America. When slavery shackles fell off, I picked up a hatchet in its place!”


AUG. 23, 1831

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