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The Council

What if... Nat Turner’s insurrection was a success? What ripple effects would have gone through America? Would it have produced a better America Blacks plead for? 


1831 - The whites of Antebellum Southampton, Virginia, are too drunk with negro hate, supreme power, and absolute control that they don’t recognize the disturbance in the land.  On a divine Sunday evening, Nat Turner finds the missing link to his plan, and that piece is a young slave named Reagor Mills.  By adding Reagor to the fold, Nat is thoroughly convinced that with skillful planning and timing, victory is inevitable! 


The end goal has always been to overtake Jerusalem.  Aug 23, 1831, they find themselves staring their destiny in the face.  Will the unthinkable happen?  Will the lowly slaves outduel the established order?  How were they able to make it this far?

The Council is a vivid, historically-based fiction, where we witness Reagor Mills live out the journey of joining a group of slaves who came together as one.  They make use of compassion, faith, violence, healing, and true unity in hopes of creating a permanent impact that corrects America’s past mistakes for a more unified present day.


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